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A Action, Adventure, Romance movie released on January 1, 1959 in United States. Starring Joanna Barnes, Cesare Danova, Denny Miller.

Release Date: January 1, 1959
Year: 1959
Runtime:82 min
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This movie has little connection with the 1932 original. It does, however, have lifted footage (tinted to more-or-less match the color), including obvious footage of Weissmuller’s vine-swinging. Miller is not once called Tarzan in the movie, and his yell is also lifted Weissmuller. The elephants who wreck the pygmy village are lifted/tinted from the original, but the “pygmies” (real in the original) were kids from Fairfax High School in Los Angeles. Costumes are left over from “King Solomon’s Mines” so that more stock footage could be lifted. And the crocodile fight is taken from “Tarzan and his Mate”